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 Wireless systems can monitor basements for water leaks, seepage

Most homeowners have been concerned, at one point or another, about water getting into their basement or crawl space. Whether it's from the weather, a broken pipe or leaky appliance, that moisture can damage concrete if not detected quickly and...

How to keep your home's pipes from freezing during winter cold snaps

Whether it's an Arctic Vortex rolling south or just a cold snap, even just a few days of lower temperatures can freeze pipes that aren't well-insulated or protected from the weather. When they freeze, pipes can burst and flood your house. That...

Can tree roots damage your home's foundation?

The signs show up slowly. As the trees that shade your yard grow taller and branch out, you start to notice cracks in your driveway. A piece of sidewalk buckles, then another one. Then water backs up into your basement, and you're calling a plumber to get tree roots...

Bad smell in basement could be sign of damage in home

Keeping the air in your basement clean and fresh can present extra challenges for homeowners. Many basements don't have windows or patio doors that can be opened to let in fresh air. And air circulation can sometimes be a problem.
That makes it tempting...

Mold can cause damage to your home, health if untreated

ABT Foundation Solutions, Inc. has two big reasons for being concerned about excess moisture in your home. The first, of course, is that too much water can damage your foundation, leading to more damage in the rest of your home.
The second is that mold can

Landscaping changes can send water into basements

If water suddenly appears in your basement after years of never having problems, check the landscaping around your house. Sudden changes − like adding a flower bed or patio − or gradual changes in the grading over time can change the flow of water around your...

Unwelcome animals can cause foundation damage, too

They go over, under, around and through. They'll tear up your grass, shrubs, trees and gardens. And while they're busy, they can also cause damage to your foundation or crawl space, too.
Animals like groundhogs, squirrels, raccoons and moles like to dig,...

Summer heat, dry weather can damage your home's foundation

Summer weather brings two big concerns for foundations: heat and moisture.
We had a heat advisory Friday, with the heat index near 100 degrees.  We were on the edge of the "heat dome" that's been covering a big part of the nation, and we won't see...

Check basement, foundation before tearing down walls

It sounds like a great idea: Tear out that wall and turn two rooms into one open, airy space. But if it's not done correctly, that remodeling project could cause serious damage to the structure and safety of your home.
Before you even pick up a hammer, the...

How to clean up, dry out a wet basement

It's that moment every homeowner dreads. You go downstairs to pull a suitcase out of a closet you don't open very often. With those first steps, you hear that "squish, squish" sound from the carpeting that means one thing: You have water in your basement.

Why use a basement dehumidifier?

Most basements and crawl spaces in our area of Wisconsin have high humidity, especially in the summer. ABT Foundation Solutions recommends that homeowners run a dehumidifier to keep their homes safe and healthy.
High humidity can damage foundation walls, drywall, furniture and...

Select trees, plants that won't damage foundation

With spring just a few weeks away, Wisconsin gardeners are already planning how they'll spruce up their yards this year.  As you make your plans, be sure to consider keeping your foundation safe as you select plants and trees, and decide where to plant them.  

Welcome to our new website

ABT Foundation Solutions, Inc. would like to welcome you to our newly redesigned website!
Our goal was to simplify and streamline both the look and feel of the site, as well as the content.
We worked with A&K Marketing, Inc., Catena Creations LLC, and The Gage Team to update...