Basement dehumidifiers

If you have a damp, musty basement, you need a basement dehumidifier. High humidity in the basement or crawl space can lead to mold, pests, dust mites and other serious health risks, and can keep you from using your basement as a storage or living area.

Studies show that almost 50 percent of the air in your home is from your basement or crawl space. Experts recommend maintaining relative humidity levels in the 30 to 50 percent range.

A dehumidifier operates by drying out the air. It can be challenging for conventional dehumidifiers to keep up in most cases, and they have a tendency to freeze up when running for long periods of time. So it’s a good idea to find a dehumidifier that is specially made for a basement application. ABT sells and installs basement dehumidifier systems so you can have quality air in your home.

Santa Fe dehumidifiers

The Santa Fe collection of high-capacity, energy-efficient, free-standing dehumidifiers is built to supply the very best in humidity control for basements, crawl spaces and living areas. Most products in this line are made to exceed Energy Star® efficiency requirements. They are equipped with large-capacity moisture removal, low temperature operation and superior air filtration systems.

Classic Santa Fe dehumidifierClassic Santa Fe dehumidifier

The Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier’s vertical setup and flow-down design operate very well in basements. No other standard dehumidifier can work as efficiently and as well in basements as the Santa Fe Classic. This unit works like a champ to keep your basement humidity levels in the 30-50 percent range that the EPA recommends for basements.

The Classic is the perfect large-capacity dehumidifier. Most household dehumidifier capacities range from 20 to 65 pints of water per day. The Classic capacity is 110 pints − that’s two to five times more than other household dehumidifiers.

Santa Fe Advance 2 dehumidifierSanta Fe Advance 2

Built to provide the ultimate in the dehumidification of basements and crawl spaces, this product features dual outlets designed to provide the optimal amount of air flow that any wet basement needs to prevent high humidity. The capacity of the Santa Fe Advance 2 is 90 pints per day.

Santa Fe MAXDry Dual XT

Large basements and crawl spaces have met their match with the MAXDry Dual XT. Made specifically for this type of environment, the high-capacity blower circulates air more effectively in larger applications. The horizontal configuration, dual outlet design and insulated cabinet for quieter operation makes this dehumidifier run exceptionally well in all larger basements and crawl spaces. And the capacity for this dehumidifier is outstanding − up to 150 pints per day.

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