Exterior basement waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing by ABT Foundation SolutionsSometimes a basement seepage problem needs to be taken care of outside of the home through exterior waterproofing systems. Interior drains are effective if the moisture problem is a result of a leaky cove joint (where the wall meets the floor), or from leaking floor cracks. However, if there’s a problem with clogged window well drains, exterior cracks or yard flooding, then an outside system may be the most effective solution.

Waterproofing exterior walls

We can install drain tile next to the footing and use a dampproofing tar material on the outside of the foundation walls. We can then install Platon wall board over the foundation. To finish, we will backfill to grade with stone or install a clay cap. We recommend that you place a plastic or rubber membrane on top of the stone or clay cap, and then lay wood chips or decorative stone for an attractive finish.

Downspout extensions

ABT will check to see if you need to install downspout extensions. Homeowners often don’t realize that water is getting into their home because the gutter downspout doesn’t extend far enough out from the building. If the downspout extensions are too short and too close to the foundation, water will eventually seep into the soil and into your home.

Yard flooding

If you have problems with your lawn flooding when it rains or when there’s melting snow on the property, then you may need to improve the grading. We can provide you with re-grading solutions to take care of the problem.

Why choose ABT?

Outstanding customer service. ABT works towards building a relationship with every customer, and providing prompt, friendly service.
Experience. Our installation crews, estimators, and office staff have many years of experience in basement repair solutions.
Training. Our foundation repair and waterproofing crew undergo weekly training to maintain high quality standards.
Equipment and products. ABT uses only the best foundation, waterproofing, egress window and crawl space components on your home.
Accountability. All staff and installers are trained and certified in foundation repair and basement waterproofing. We hire no subcontractors to ensure quality control.


Always had a good experience with ABT.

Linda – Neenah, WI

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